About ChipWorker
ChipWorker is a world-renowned one-stop procurement service provider for electronic components. It has more than ten years of supply chain experience and specializes in the supply of electronic components. We provide customers with a professional and efficient platform, from first-class search and e-procurement engines, rich and up-to-date product information, to advanced inventory management and 100% authenticity guarantee, to 24/7 service. Committed to helping customers find outdated, discontinued, and hard-to-find materials quickly and accurately. Based on this challenge, we continuously optimize our inventory and global supply capabilities to shorten your procurement cycle, reduce transaction costs, and provide you with high-quality electronic components at competitive prices.
In the future, ChipWorker will focus on providing more electronic component inventory options, constantly adjusting processes, services, products and personnel to ensure product quality and delivery time, providing customers with perfect procurement solutions, saving you time and costs. We hope to be your best partner!
One-stop Component Procurement
Simplified procurement process and quick response, saving you time and costs
Professional Purchasing Team
More than 30 professional purchasers with in-depth understanding of market materials
Replacement Parts Suggestions
Identify replacement parts with experts to seamlessly replace obsolete components with quality alternatives
Original Authenticity Guaranteed
Authoritative organizations test chips and do their best to ensure the quality, authenticity and safety of your devices.
Our Advantages
As an electronic component supplier, ChipWorker has always adhered to the concept of quality first, starting from quality, meeting customer needs to the maximum extent, focusing on saving customers' time and costs, and was quickly recognized by the market and customers. After years of unremitting efforts of our team, we have established close ties with more than 3,000 customers around the world and cooperated with more than 3,000 manufacturers. We have an efficient and stable supply chain, 120,000+ genuine components in stock, and an 800 m² smart digital warehouse. Service products cover a wide range of industries, including: Industrial, Electricity, Aerospace, Automotive, Telecommunications, New Energy, Network & Computer, Medical, etc. In addition, our certifications and quality assurance include:
100% New and Original
365 Days Guaranty
Shipment within 3 days
Delivery Services Worldwide
Service 24-7
Quickly Quote and Delivery
Testing Laboratory Capabilities
ChipWorker has a 500m² advanced component testing laboratory. Based on 3,000,000+ chip testing big data, it conducts testing
against the anti-counterfeiting data of thousands of brand components. Engineers will inspect, measure, verify and test electronic components from the outer packaging to the inside,
and issue authoritative test reports to ensure that the components meet the highest standards. This ensures that the components are 100% new and original when sold, ensuring that you Supply chain security.
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If you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.
Room 1302, No.6, Lane 5, Houxiang District, Nanzhuang Community, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China
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